Motori Elettrici





  • Assembly systems and lines.
  • Test Benches for production and for labs.
  • Test Campaigns

Some application:

  • Hybrid.
  • Electric power steering.
  • Starters.
  • Others.

Handling and Assembly

Loccioni Group designs and develops solutions to ensure the correct handling and assembly of the products:

  • Chain or belt conveyor with service pallet.
  • Palletizing.
  • Robotized cells.
  • Assembly.
  • Contact and no contact solutions > Dimensional check.
  • Welding & Welding check.


The solutions are suitable both for labs and production lines, and are able to perform different kind of tests:

  • Electrical safety tests > Motor break-in.
  • Motor break-in.
  • Electrical measure.
  • RPM and direction.
  • Vibration analysis.
  • Noise analysis.
  • Motor drive simulation.
  • Torque.
  • Surge test.
  • Back EMF Constant.
  • Hall Signal Track Test.
  • Encoder Signal Test.
  • Cogging Torque.
  • Low Speed Friction / Magnetic Drag Torque.
  • High Speed Friction Torque.
  • Energized windings tests.
  • Torque constant & Torque Ripple.
  • Electric Load simulation for alternator.
  • High torque simulation for Starte.


  • Vibration analysis software in the time and frequency domain with automatic classification of the defects.
  • Statistical process analysis software (SPC).

Solutions for Electric Motors PDF

Amber – Test bench for electric motors characterization PDF