What we do

Loccioni Mobility solutions are the result of 40 years’ experiences in Measure & Testing, Industrial Automation, Information and Communication Technologies and Energy Technologies. We integrate these competences to offer the customer the highest quality of the systems and energy technologies. Thanks to this integration we help the product manufacturers or service providers to optimize their testing or production processes respecting the environment.

Measure and Testing

Designing and manufacturing of monitoring, inspection and testing systems for the quality control of product, processes and buildings.

Fields of application: 

| Noise and Vibration
| Vision
| Thermovision
| Flow rate and leakage
| Spettroscopy
| Chemiometrical Analysis
| Thermofluidic
| Mechanical measures
| Electrical measures
| Hydraulic measures


Integrated solutions for productive and logistic systems monitoring and automation

| Assembly and conveyor
| Tracking systems
| Data tracking
| Industrial software
| Laser welding
| Robotics

Fields of application: 

| Design and 3D dynamic simulation
| Turn-key solutions for the assembly and testing phases
| Finished product packaging phase automation
| Warehouse finished product switching plants
| Warehouse logistic integrated management


Integrated solutions for information and communication technologies

| Unified Communication
| Security
| Green It
| Wireless Data Communication
| Virtualization

Special applications: 

| Totem Total Telephone Manager
| Zephyr Energy efficiency solutions for data center
| Sky Stone Skype services integration with traditional and IP telephony systems

Energy Technologies

Integrated solutions for energy efficiency and production from renewable sources.

| Reduction of the consumption in:
| Fiscal papers management to obtain public incentives
| Esco Company